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AQUA CYCLING - The essential Element Aqua class, aqua cycling is a spinning class set in water. This intermediate/advanced paced class, provides a full body workout and is both challenging and restorative.

Your body will reap all the benefits of underwater exercise – increased blood flow, improved cardio endurance, and low impact - while sculpting your silhouette and reducing the appearance of cellulite.

TURBO CYCLING-Force, speed and strength for this aqua cycling class that will test your limit and take your water spinning practice to the next level. Improve your cardio vascular endurance, burn more calories all while you reap the benefits of the regenerating power of water

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AQUA BOXING- Combine the benefits of water resistance with the fun and energy of cardio boxing. Gain new skills as you boost your overall fitness, performing basic offensive and defensive boxing moves. Combine strength training with self-defense motions, including kick variations. Increase your endurance, agility and coordination as well as balance and core stability.

AQUA CIRCUIT - A full body aquatic conditioning. As you jump from to station, you will mix cardio and strength training, targeting upper & lower body & the core, making this is a most challenging workout. Improve overall power in and out of the pool with this ultimate aquatic boot camp.

Aqua Circuit Miami Fitness Element Aqua

AQUA STRENGTH - A full body strength training class fully set in water. Use small equipment and water drag for maximum resistance with minimum impact. 

AQUA PILATES- Peyow" (derived from the Mandarin word for "float) Aqua Pilates incorporates yoga crossed with gentle calisthenics, circus acrobatics, and the occasional muscle burn of resistance training. It is a hearty abdominal workout while twisting into suspended positions possible only in the water.

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AQUA BARRE - A medley of ballet-inspired moves with elements of Pilates, dance, yoga and strength training, performed in 90 degrees water, this hybrid aquatic barre class will strengthen your core and tone your glutes and legs. Combine isometric movements with ample ballet movements against water resistance: your legs will never have looked so good and your silhouette will be transformed.

AQUA ROBICS - A fun and dynamic aquatic fitness class, which combines blocks of choreography with cardio and strength training. This rejuvenating, high energy, low impact class will make you feel refreshed, vitalized and invigorated. 

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Aqua Fusion Element Aqua Fitness Miami

AQUA FUSION (Cycle&Box) - A perfect blend of our signature aqua cycling and aqua boxing classes, this dynamic aqua fusion class combines the technical skills of an intermediate cycling class with boxing intervals and core work. Get your heart rate up and your punches in for a fun and effective full body workout.

AQUA FUSION (Abs&Booty) - Our signature aqua cycling class with a focus on core and glutes. This class will sculpt your abs and booty with specifically targeted exercises while still getting your cardio workout in.


ON WEDNESDAY AND SATURDAY NIGHTS we heat our pool to 91 degrees and we welcome you for a restorative immersion.

Join us for a gentle aqua Robics class or an Aqua Flow class; Try our guided floating meditation or treat yourself to a unique water massage.


Discover the healing power of water and let yourself be cradled by this most soothing element.


FLOATING MEDITATION - A 30 minute guided meditation 

You will use floatation to explore your deeper self and creative being.  Heighten visualization and deepen your meditation while promoting total calm and peaceful relaxation.


Watsu is a gentle form of body therapy performed in warm water. It combines elements of massage, joint mobilisation, shiatsu, muscle stretching and dance. The receiver is continuously supported while being floated, cradled, rocked and stretched. The deeply relaxing effects of warm water and nurturing support, combine with Watsu's movements, stretches, massage and point work, to create a bodywork with a range of therapeutic benefits and potential healing on many levels.

Moments of stillness alternate with rhythmical flowing movements, which free the body in ways impossible on land. The warm water relaxes the muscles and supports the spine. With this support and without the weight of the body, the spine, joints and muscles can be manipulated and freed in a way unique to water work. The effects include a very gentle, yet deep stretching and a release of muscular and joint restrictions, along with a state of deep relaxation, which encourages the release of stress and tensions.

This is a one on one service. Call us at 305.570.5569 to book an appointment with Melissa. Click here for rates.







Water is an extremely versatile element that allows for different levels of intensity, so literally everybody can benefit from an aquatic training routine. And no, you don't necessarily have to know how to swim: the pool is 4ft deep and your head can always stay above water.


Whether you are looking for a powerful workout to build muscle strength and endurance or a more relaxing and restorative workout focused on breathing and flexibility, we have the right class for you. Make sure you check the class level when you book your spot!





What to wear:


Ladies: we recommend a one-piece bathing suit or a sports bra and shorts, whatever feels most comfortable and supportive, as long as it is formfitting.


Gents: swim trunks or briefs, or shorts with supportive lining.


AQUATIC SHOES ARE MANDATORY. We have aquatic shoes for rent or for sale at the studio. We will lend you a pair for your first class but you must purchase a pair or bring your own after the first class.





If it's your first class, please plan to arrive at least 15 minutes early so that you have time to fill out the necessary forms and we can show you around the studio and set you up on the bike.

If it's not your first time with us, please plan to arrive at least 5 minutes prior to the beginning of class.


Before class:

Lockers are at your disposal for your personal belongings. Although you may lock up your locker, please note that the studio is not responsible for any loss or theft of personal belongings.

Before entering the pool, make sure you shower to wash off any residue from the day and help us keep our purified water pristine.


Once inside the pool, choose your bike and wait for our trainer to help you adjust it to your size for optimum posture.


During class:


Each class is a 45-minute workout led by one of our master trainers. They each have their style and approach, which you will come to know and love, and our classes vary in intensity - make sure you check the class level when you book your spot. In general, you should expect a 5 minute warm-up session, a 35-40 minute workout, and a 5 minute cool-down/active stretching session.


After class:

Back in the locker rooms, we provide a complimentary towel, shower gel and hair dryers. 


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