About Us


ELEMENT AQUA is an indoor fitness studio specifically designed for aquatic training.

At Element Aqua, we believe that working out in the water is the way of the future and we bring this highly beneficial practice to the group fitness arena. 

The benefits of an aquatic workout are countless: the water supports the body weight and reduces stress on joints, which makes for a more comfortable cardio experience and a more balanced, total-body conditioning. After only a few sessions, you will see tangible results on your body – better endurance, better circulation, slimmer waist, leaner muscles, reduced cellulite, faster recovery  –  as well as your mind – reduced stress, better sleep.

Element Aqua is envisioned to give you an overall experience in wellbeing: our studio is a haven of comfort and urban design, a place where the body can work hard and the mind can relax, a center for healthy living both inside and out. We are committed to helping your body get strong and your mind find ease.




Master Trainer



​Born in Honduras and of Panamanian & Honduran descent, Ana moved to Florida and has worked in the fitness industry since 2005. She’s been featured in multiple DVDs and presented in International Fitness Conventions  in the USA & abroad.

Ana is a personal trainer and group X instructor with multiple aquatic licenses and over a dozen land based specialty licenses. She was awarded the license of Master Trainer for Hydrorider in summer 2017.

Ana is an avid cyclist, boxing enthusiast and pilates/yoga practitioner. Find her any day at the beach, the park or at a training facility. When she is taking time off from her hectic schedule, she loves to spend time with her family in the great outdoors.

Ana is the master trainer at Element Aqua. Her highly dynamic classes will challenge and inspire you to push beyond to your next level.




It was the love of movement and fitness that drove Jesus to pursue a career in this dynamic field. From water aerobics to group fitness, small group training and personal training, his passion to teach and help others meet their goals is what drives Jesus’s enthusiasm.

Jesus’s experience in rehabilitation has allowed him to help post cancer, bariatric, and paraplegic patients reach new levels of growth through exercise and lifestyle change. His philosophy is that in life we are given choices and those choices will open doors, doors that enrich and fortify bringing in the good into our lives. Jesus strongly believes that fitness is a vehicle to get us to our next door, our next challenge, our next level. 

Jesus is finishing his master in Physical Therapy at FIU. His classes at Element Aqua range from rehabilitative and restorative to rigorous and challenging.

Master Trainer



After 12 years as a television producer and copywriter this Yoga Teacher broke away from the corporate cubicle to teach yoga thanks to chronic neck, back issues and now shares the fantastic effects of yoga on our bodies, minds, and life goals in the studio and in the pool. A two-time, 200-hour RYT in Hatha, Chakra Flow Vinyasa, Aqua Kriya Yoga, Monica has studied yoga for healing trauma and managing and reducing stress, for increased creativity, also studied Reiki, meditation and sound healing. She is a graduate of the University of Miami, a mother of 3, and a creative entrepreneur.

“You CAN release stress and relax, enhancing your creative process & manifesting health and a better life. Find your true potential, your life purpose, find your personal inner power and calm and let that be the place from where you live, work, create and love. It is my honor to guide you in discovering the power you hold to heal and improve your health and life”.




Melissa has been a Licensed Massage Therapist and Bodyworker for over 20 years. Her certifications and trainings include Sports Massage, Trigger Point, Myofascial Release, Advanced Thai Massage, Tok Sen, Thai Herbal Compress and Medicinal Recipes, NeuroMuscular Therapy, Energy Medicine, Cupping,  Myoskeletal Alignment, Soul Coaching, Radiant Child Kundilini Yoga, prenatal massage, and Watsu1-3.

When moving 3 years ago she realized that she needed water to complete her elemental view of healing.  In 2015 she traveled to the Keys to train with a legend in the water world, Minakashi, the second hand to Howard Dull who created this massage.  Melissa has a love of water and is continuing to deepen her Watsu education to include Healing Water Dance.

When Melissa isn’t working on her NBA, NFL, and other Pro athletes and clients, she loves to spend her free time on the beach, or doing aerial circus arts, any kind of Yoga, especially Acro Yoga, water fitness classes at Element Aqua and hanging out with friends dancing, singing, and cuddles from her two dogs. 




Ana Cuartas, is a mom of two beautiful baby girls. She decided to pursue a certification aquaBelly® Family when she experienced the benefits of the prenatal aquatic practice firsthand during her first pregnancy. She loves to teach group, private and semi private classes.

Her family loves spending time together exercising their shelter-rescue dog Nina and playing with their babies in the pool!

Ana has a BA in Early Childhood Education and MBA with a specialization in Educational Institution Management. At Element Aqua, Ana teaches pre-natal aquatic fitness classes.